Monday, May 16, 2011

May Flowers are slowly blooming

Warm greetings friends!  I hope that all is well with you and yours on this 16th day of May!  What an odd Spring we are having, the weatherman is forecasting frost and freeze warnings overnight and advising that we cover fragile plants!  I need to put a huge warm bubble over my entire yard :) 

Times are tough in Michigan, our governor is cutting our school budget, so in turn the school district has no choice but to make deep cuts.  They are cutting the support staff pay by 75 cents per hour and we have to pay more out of pocket to keep our health insurance.  Tough times, but I think of how my grandparents made it through the depression and it makes me feel like I'd be a wimp to even complain!  Course it does make me think that perhaps now is the time to take the leap and open that shop that I've been dreaming of for many long years.  I already know exactly how it will look, sound and feel, I am already there in my mind! 

It's a delight to the senses, done in warm tones of  white, cream, champagne, beige, accented in the palest of pink, spring green and robin's egg blue in the spring, a seaside pallet of sand and sky in the summer with muted browns, golds and coppers in the fall, and icy blue and white in the winter.  I love the soothing tones of a harp, violin, piano, mandolin and perhaps even a full I'm making lists of music to download on an Ipod that I can dock into a stereo system to flood the space with soothing music.  Maybe in the summer I'll take it up a notch and have some Colby Calait, Bruno Mars and Adele.  As for scents, I just know that it has to be very light and pleasing..not something that will make people run for the door like in some shops I've been in. I'm going to add to my cutting garden at home so that I can have fresh flowers everywhere in the warms months.  I'm sorry if I'm boring you with my ramblings.....I could go on and on about my dreams and ideas for a shop.  I have two huge three-ring binders full of photos and ideas that I've been collecting.  My "shop dream" binders.  Bless you all on this lovely Monday evening in May.  Teri


  1. Thank you for visiting Teri! your blog continues to be full of beautiful eye candy.
    With regards to my hair... or lack of... no, I didn't donate it... I intended to, until my dogs stole it off the table and played with it throughout the house and yard... not a pretty site. And no, no-one has cancer, thank god.
    Look at Ollie and Bailey! too cute. Our rescued Shihtzu has sticky out bottom front teeth too.. is that 'normal'? it looks so adorable!

  2. Hello, thanks for the visit to my blog. Oh I'm from Michigan and remember those long winters. the summers are so nice by the lake. So I wont tell you it's a nice 72 degrees with a light breeze! Funny I'd love to have a shop also but know the romance of it would fade once I looked at the hours you work. Blessings DE