Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A New Creation

It's Spring Break time again.  Heavenly Blue Skies full of lots of sunshine and pure dazzling white SNOW?  Yes, spring break with snow.  Last year we had nicer weather than the folks in Florida!  Here in this gorgeous northwest corner of Michigan the weather is hard to predict.  Lake Michigan likes to make all of the decisions for us and since I  love that lake I don't mind a bit!  Got out and enjoyed the sunshine today with Ollie and Bailey, they enjoyed the walk sniffing the ground for any new scents.  I simply enjoyed feeling the warm sunshine on my face.  So I've been busy drawing and coming up with a few new creations.  Sorting my clippings for decoupage, making new patterns for Door Hangers and pillows, buying vintage rhinestone and pearl jewelry on ebay to use on my pillows.  I hope that all is well with my fellow bloggers and your loved ones.  Happy Spring wherever you are!  Teri

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